Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time....What's that?

Ok so I know I have been slacking on the whole blogging thing, but there really has been lack of time and modivation. Now that I am almost 27 weeks into pregnancy tourture, and I thought I should actually post something atleast. We have found out that we are having anthother boy. This will I am sure guarantee us two chiildren in the NFL at one time or another. We can't really agree on a name so any ideas would be great.

Emily is enjoying being in the 2nd grade. She just recently lost her top front tooth. She swallowed it before she noticed to was gone. So she had to write a note to the tooth fairey explaining the situation. Emily is convinced that the reason that she got a paper dollar bill instead of quarters is because she was honest and wrote a note. Way to go Emily.

Brandon has turned a whoping 5 this month to match his whopping stature. He out weighs both of his sisters, and I'm sure he will out grow Emily within a couple of years. He thinks that now he is 5 that he has to try on all of his clothes to make sure that they fit, because he is convinced that he grew over night from being 4 to turning 5.

Aubrey is as spunky as ever. She loves going to nursery and playing with all her friends. She makes sure to tell Spencer and I that every week. She loves taking to the baby in moms tummy. She thinks that my belly button is the way of communication like a microphone. She sticks her mouth right on my belly button and makes her voice known. "HI BABY"

I promise this year to make an effort to post more and I will get more pictures up. Although that would require me to find and locate my digital camera. We'll see how long that takes. I hope everyone is well, and keep an eye out for more posts and pictures.