Sunday, January 31, 2010

Muffins with me

This past Wednesday was muffins with Mom at the school. It was something that we started when I was on the PTO board a few years ago, and they have continued it. It's fun to go with the kids to school, sit and have some breakfast, and to spend a little time with them.

My Latest

This is my latest cake I made this last weekend for a little girl in the ward who was turning 7.
She asked for a fairy with blond hair, a purple dress and green eyes.
I had a lot of fun making this one. It was something that I hadn't done before. I think it turned out pretty good. ENJOY!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My sleeping (not so giant) Giants

Lately I have been finding my kids (at least the ones that still take naps) in the funniest and strangest positions while they are sleeping. It really baffles my mind how someone could even dose off in some of these positions let alone fall totally asleep. This is Aubrey having fallen asleep in her "secret" club house in her closet. I believe that is her dress up make-up that is keeping her head propped up.
This is Tyson after eating dinner one night in his high chair. The bottom of the bottle was the only thing keeping his head up.
This is how Aubrey ends up taking a nap most days. She lays down to watch a little TV and ends up falling asleep with her hands behind her head and legs crossed.
Lately Tyson has been in bed with me at nights due to the back surgery. It's still hard for me to lay him down in his crib at night and since Spencer is still working nights it's just easier that way. Although I won't lie and wish he slept through the night in another room. :) Anyhow, lately he tries to cuttle at night. He scootches himself over until he finds the edge of my pillow and snuggles right in. It really is the sweetest and cutest thing.
This really has been the sleeping position of all sleeping positions caught on film to date. The other day I caught Aubrey asleep at the dining room table. Yes folks, she has her head "resting" on the wood chair arm, hand in bowl still clinging on the the dry cereal. No I didn't leave her like this. I moved her AFTER I grabbed the camera and took a picture. :)
You would think that I make my kids work in the mines for 16 hours a day with the way the fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12 Happenings at Christmas

12 Christmas Lights

11 Snowballs Thrown

10 Years of Family Ornaments

9 Times Removed from UNDER the Tree

8 Fun Christmas Balls

7 Trees to Choose From

6 Handmade Stockings

5 Hours of Snow
(That's how long it lasted.)

4 Happy Kids

3 Warm Snuggies
(Yes, I went there, and made these too.)

2 School Christmas Concerts

And 1 Real Christmas Tree

Hope everyone had as great of a holiday season as we did.
We love you all, and have a Happy New Year!