Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You can never have too much cake

Well I've been up to my old tricks again. Here are a few pictures of some of my latest cakes Hope you enjoy!

This cake was done for a bridal shower.  She was really into purses and make up so this is what I came up with.  Hat box lower tier with purse, pearl necklace and earrings with some lipstick.

This cake was done for a first birthday party.  I thought this was so sassy and cute.  The mom even had her little girl dressed in an outfit that went right along with the cake. 

These little beauties were done for a baby shower we just had for a couple of girls in the ward who are both having girls.  We had it at a restaurant so it was nice to just have a little something at each place setting to make it a little extra cute. 

This was a fun one to do.  This cake was for some twins in the ward (boy and girl).  They are really into Toy Story right now, and how fitting it was that they were turning 3!.  It all couldn't have been more perfect. 

This is one of my favorites to date.  This cake was for a little boy who just love Mario Brothers.  He had his party at the city pool so it was fun walking in with the cake and hearing all the oohs and awes.

Like I said you can never have too much cake!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

California Gurls (and Boys)

We were able to go back to Cali for a vacation/ Renshaw family reunion work party.  Although our main purpose was to help out at my parents house we were able to have a good amount of fun as well. 

We were able to go to the San Diego fair while we were there. That was a time of fun rides greasy food and smelly animals. WE LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT! Did you know that you could even order deep fried BUTTER? And I thought that they had thought of everything. Guess I was wrong.
While we were in Cali Aubrey turned 4!  She thought that it was so cool that she was going to turn 4 in California.  It was as if she was the only person to have done this.  We were able to go over Spencer's parents house and have a birthday pool party.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and yummy Little Mermaid ice cream cake was had by all.  If only we lived closer to be able to do this for all our birthdays.
We were also able to got to the Birch Aquarium down in La Jolla and see all the awesome sea life.  They had a bunch of interactive things that the lids to touch and do on there own.  Everyone had a lot of fun including Tyson.
The kids loved posing in the shark mouth.  We had Aubrey hop in by herself and told her to pose and this is what she came up with.  Aubrey's interpretation of what a model would look like getting eaten by a shark.  CLASSIC!
Our final activity as a family group was going to the Saturday Night Padres game.  We love us some Padres.  We try to catch a game whenever we are back.  We had pretty good seats and had a lot of fun.  Unfortunately they lost but hey we got like 6 cluttering AWESOME bobble heads of a guy that wasn't even playing that night and 8 coupons to Jack in the Box for 2 FREE tacos.  GO PADRES!

We had a great time while being back home and got a lot accomplished at my parents house.  The cousins had fun being with each other we just only wish we lived closer to everyone.  Until next time PEACE!