Friday, May 28, 2010

Howdy Partners

As you know from my last post Tyson has turned one. Now finally getting to blog about it has definitely taken me a while. I will happily say that I have been out of the country, but that is a whole other post soon to come. Anyhow...... We had a cute little cowboy themed party for the big #1. We had sheriff stars, squirt guns, and bandannas for all the kids to get into the cowboy mood.
Here's Tyson blowing out his candle. He had a little help from the wind that day other wise I'm not sure if it would have been blown out.

Of course after blowing out the candle he got his very own cake. He got the little cowboy hat off the top of the cake, and dug right in. I would say by the look on his face that he LOVED it. YUMMY!

We had a pinata for all the kids to hit. When it was broken open the candy we gone in a few short moments.

Tyson received a lot of nice gifts and loves to play with all of them. We sure are lucky to have such great friends around when family lives so far way. I can't believe he is one. Where has the last year gone?