Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Christmas Bee....I mean Tree

Don't let these cute little smiles fool you. Choosing a Christmas tree can be dangerous. 

So this year we went to Lowes to pick us up this years Christmas tree.  I know, how festive to go to a home improvement center to pick up a Christmas tree, but we didn't really have any other real options and I'm cheap like that so Lowes is where we ended up.  OK on with my story...  So we were outside the garden center where they had a VERY small selection of trees to choose from.  Spencer and I started looking through what they had while trying to keep a handle on the kids.  While I was handling the crew Spencer came across our perfect tree (pictured above).  How excited we were to find something we liked with out major drama, or so we thought.  After taking this lovely picture of the kids in front of our chosen tree we proceeded to take it inside to have the bottom trimmed and tied up to get ready for transport.  As we came around the corner we were immediately swarmed by bees!!!  Now my kids don't do bugs in general, and when there is a large amount of bugs... oh holy chaos.  Some froze in the middle of the swarm, and others ran for cover.  Needless to say none of us got stung, but trauma was definitely experienced.

 We made it inside and got our prized tree packaged up and ready for transport.

The kids wanted to have a hand in all things tree so they helped Spencer get it from the top of the car and bring it into the house.   The decorating process began and Tyson was WAY excited to "help".  His technique of "hanging" the balls on the tree consisted of a wind up pitch with a line drive arrival straight into the tree.  There was some "adjusting" needed after all was said and done.

As we approach the end of this year we are thankful for all the many blessings in our lives.  We are thankful for our children and the happiness they bring to our lives.  We are blessed to have the gospel to guide and direct us.  We are also grateful for our many friends and great family that supports and helps us daily.  We would like to wish everyone a Merry CHRISTmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Love, The Hatch's


Heidi said...

Oh those dang bees!! Glad nobody got stung.

I like Tyson's way of decorating! Our tree got decorated multiple times-- the first time because the light strings died and I had to take everything off the tree to put on new ones, and then later because Kyle has a fascination with taking all the ornaments he can reach off the tree. The good news is that the kids got to decorate the tree over and over and over again...I'm glad I have a decorating crew!

Genelady said...

What a great story. Write it down and include the pictures. Merry Christmas. I hope it is great.